How to double Internet Download Manager’s Speed

IDM (Internet Download Manager) is by far one of the best download software for computers. It’s the simplicity and user-friendly interface that make it so popular. IDM is used by millions of people to download different sorts of things like movies, games, files, videos, etc. And the best part about IDM is its support of resume capability. This capability allows you to continue you unfinished download starting from where you left previously.

Although IDM is comparatively faster than many other download software, many people are still not satisfied with the download speed of IDM. But not to worry because there is a special method to speed up your IDM speed by up to 2 times.

How To Double IDM speed?

The steps to double IDM speed are given below:

  • Firstly, open IDM and click on Download from the menus bar
  • Next, you have to go to the Speed Limiter menu and check the turn on the option. By default, it is turned off.
  • Again go to Speed Limiter menu from Downloads menu and click on settings. A pop-up screen will appear where you will see the default downloading speed limited to 10 Kbps. You can modify this limit as per your need and internet speed. There will also be a note saying that “Internet servers may break the connection when the speed is too limited! Thus it’s not recommended to use Speed Limiter to download from servers that do not support “resume” feature”. Its advisable not to use this method for such downloads.
  • Edit the speed limit in accordance with your internet speed. If your internet speed is 2 MBPS, you can set the limit to 2000 KBPS.  IDM will capture your entire speed for downloading one particular file. If you wish to browse the internet while downloading, then don’t assign the whole of your speed. By doing this, you’ll be able to browse and download at the same time.
  • Click OK.
  • Once Again head over to Downloads menu and click options. Go to the Connection tab and click on the drop down menu then select the last option High Speed.


Click OK and begin downloading your files. You should see the difference in speed.

How to change wordpress blog theme

WordPress is an online, open source website creation tool written in PHP and MySQL. It is undoubtedly the best and the most powerful blogging and website content management system (CMS) for publishers. It is completely free of cost. It was released on May 27, 2003, and now it has become the most popular blogging system. Over 60 million blogs use WordPress.

How to Change WordPress Blog Theme?

So you want to learn how to change WordPress blog theme. There are tons of themes available on WordPress. The best part is that they are free and can be installed on your blog in no time. WordPress also gives you the freedom to install and third party theme on your blog. You can find thousands of such themes on the internet. Below are the steps for installing a new theme on WordPress:

  • First of all, log in to your WordPress blog. If you are not sure how to log in, just enter your blog URL and add /wp-login at the end. It looks exactly like this: The login page looks exactly like this.
  • After logging in, you need to click on the Themes option from the Appearance menu which appears on the left pane.
  • After clicking, you’ll be able to see some themes which you can install. Remember that there are lots of themes available on WordPress. You can use the search box to search themes otherwise browse between the most popular and the newest ones. You also have the option to upload a theme file from your computer. For that, you need to click the “Upload Theme”. Take a look at the picture below.
  • If you wish to see how your blog would look after applying new theme with actually installing, you can choose preview option for that.
  • Once you decide which theme you want to install on your blog, click the install button and your theme will be updated instantly.


WordPress is the best of all blogging platforms. It supports various features like installing a theme, plugin, widget,  and much more. Although there are various themes on WordPress already, there exist many people who wish to install a theme of their very own choice. WordPress does not disallow doing that. One can install any supported theme. That’s just one out of many features.

Thank you for reading this article. We appreciate your visit to our blog. Kindly let us know if you face any trouble in installing a WordPress theme. Have a great day.

Best Smartphones under 11000

Smartphones are getting cheaper day by day because of the existence of numerous companies which are constantly trying to dominate the market by offering awesome features at a reasonable price. And in doing so, they keep releasing new models which come with awesome features. Talking about the features, The Rs. 11,000 price range isn’t really high when we consider what we get with these phones. Some of these even come with exceptional features that we see in flagship devices only. They are stunningly designed to create a premium look.  Below is a list of 5 such smartphones:

1. Lenovo K3 Note

Price: 9,999

Image result for lenovo k3 note

At the cost of Rs. 9,999, the Lenovo K3 Note sports a 5.5-inch display with a full HD display resolution of 1920*1080 giving a pixel density of 401 PPI. The phone is powered by a 1.7 GHz Octa Core processor along with 2 Gb of Ram. For storage, it has an internal storage capacity of 16 Gb and can also be expanded up to 32 Gb via the microSD slot. It comes with a 19 MP rear camera and a front facing camera of 8 MP. It also supports OTG connectivity, so moving files to an external storage device is not a problem.


2. Samsung Galaxy On7

Rs. 10,990

Image result for galaxy on7

We all know that Samsung is one of the best flagship makers. The recent release of the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus brought a huge success in the market. But not every individual can afford a flagship device usually because they cost more than Rs. 30,000 . So Samsung introduced another great but affordable device called the Galaxy On7. The phone looks much similar to the galaxy A series. It comes with a 5.5 inch HD TFT display, a 13 MP primary and a 5 Mp front facing camera. Powered by a 3000 mAh Li-ion battery, this phone runs on Android Lollipop Ver. 5.1 . Unfortunately,  it has only 8 GB internal storage capacity but at the same time, it can support a massive 128 GB memory card via the microSD slot. If you are looking for an affordable phone from a trustworthy company, you should definitely go with this one.

3. Asus Zenfone 2 Laser

Rs. 9,999

Image result for asus zenfone 2 laser

Like I said earlier, some of these budget phones come with extraordinary features that we see in flagship devices only. The Asus Zenfone 2 Laser is the perfect example for this as it comes with a stunning image focusing technology called Laser Focus. Powered by a 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 MSM8916 Quad Core processor and paired with 2 GB of Ram, the phone sports a 5.5 inch HD display with a pixel density of 267 PPI. It runs on Android Lollipop Ver. 5.0 . It has a 13 MP primary along with a front facing camera of 5 MP.

4 .Motorola Moto G (2nd Gen)

Rs. 8,999

Image result for moto g

The Motorola Moto G (2nd Gen) is just one other great smartphone under Rs. 11,000. Speaking of the specs, it is powered by a 1.2 GHz Quad Core processor paired with 1 GB of RAM. It offers a 5 inch HD display with a pixel density of 294 PPI. For storage, it is provided with 16 Gb of internal storage capacity which can be expanded up to 32 GB through a microoSD slot. It has a good, premium looking and shiny body. It has a primary camera of 8 MP and front facing camera of 2 MP.

5. Lenovo A7000

Rs. 9,500

Image result for lenovo a7000

The last phone in this list is the Lenovo A7000 which is powered by a 1.5 GHz MediaTek MT6752m True Octa Core Processor along with 2 Gb DDR 3 Ram. Its display features include a 5.5-inch IPS Panel HD display. The phone runs on Android Lollipop Ver. 5. This device greatly supports heavy gaming as it is provided with an ARM Mali-760 MP2 GPU which can take care of graphics intensive games with no hassle. It offers an 8 MP primary camera and a 5 MP front-facing a camera .

Top 5 Flag Ship Smartphones ever

So, you are looking for a flagship phone ? Well then you have come to the right place. Below we have a list of 5 phones which were all released in 2015 . We will guide you through the the 5 hottest flagship devices of the year to save you time when you go to a local retail shop.

The most important thing in buying a new phone is that you buy the phone which is truly the best for you . And that’s the reason why our list of phones cover everything about size, operating system, price, etc. so you don’t have to bother about anything. So here is the list of the devices :

1. Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Price – Rs. 49,900

Image result for samsung galaxy note 5

The first phone in this list is the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 which sports a 5.7 inch Quad HD Super Amoled display with a pixel density of 518 PPI. Powered by a 64-bit Exynos 7420 Octa Core processor , the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is among the very few smartphones which come with a massive 4 GB of Ram. It runs on Android v5.1 (Lollipop). For storage it with an internal storage capacity of of 32 or 64 GB . Unfortunately , it has no support for an external microSD card. The screen on this phone is protected by a Corning Gorilla Glass 4 which provides an extra level of security. Like in the previous Note series, this phone also comes with a stylus which can significantly change the way how you operate your device.

2. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

Price – Rs. 53,900

Image result for samsung galaxy 6

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + was released in the 3rd quarter of 2015 along with the Galaxy Note 5. It is similar to Note 5 in terms of screen size , resolution and pixel density, processor, Ram and so on. The major difference between the two is that the S6 Edge + has an extended curved display on its edges making it look different from the Note 5 . Again , it has no Stylus which the Galaxy Note 5 has. It has no microSD card slot which means it is limited to a 32 or 64 Gb storage capacity. Like in the Galaxy S6 Egde and Note 5 , this phone too has a 16 MP primary camera paired with a 5 MP front facing camera.

3. Apple iPhone 6S Plus

Price – Rs. 76,999

Image result for iphones 6s plus

The Apple iPhone 6S Plus is the second phablet from Apple after the iPhone 6 Plus. Sporting a 5.5 inch Full Hd display, the phone is able to offer a pixel density of 401 PPI.  This phone is powered by a 1.84 GHz A9 64-bit Architecture and M9 Motion Dual Core processor. Its the first Apple smartphone to come with 2 GB inbuilt Ram. Talking about the camera, the Apple iPhone 6S Plus has a 12 MP primary camera paired with a 5 MP front facing camera. This phone comes with wide range of storage option : 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB. The price mentoned above is for the 64 GB variant. It runs on iOS 9 which can be further upgraded to iOS 9.1

4. HTC One M9 Plus

Price – Rs. 39,705

The fourth place in this list is filled by the HTC One M9 Plus which sports a 5.2 inch Quad HD display with a stunning pixel density of 565 PPI. This device runs Android v5.0.2 (Lollipop) and a custom user interface called the HTC Sense. It is among the high end phones which come with 3 GB of inbuilt Ram. Talking about storage, this phone the with internal storage capacity of 32 or 64 GB which can be further expanded to 2 TB via the microSD slot. This huge external card support is definitely something we haven’t seen on any other device. The 20 MP primary and 4 MP front facing camera on this phone are really good when it comes to capturing great pictures in dim light situations.

5. Huawei Nexus 6P

Price – Rs. 39,999

Image result for huawei nexus 6p

The Huawei Nexus 6P was launched in the month of September this year. This device is similar to the Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus in terms of display , having a 5.7 inch Quad HD display with a pixel density of 518 PPI. Powered by an Octa Core Qualcomm MSM8994 Snapdragon 810 processor and paired with 3 Gb of Ram, the phone weighs 178 g (6.28 oz) with stunning looks . It comes in three variants, one with 32 GB internal storage capacity followed by a 64 and 128 GB variant. Unfortunately like the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus, this phone too has no support for an external memory card. The battery on this device is a standard Non-removable Li-Po 3450 mAh battery. This phone offers a 12 MP primary camera along with a front facing camera of 8 MP. The best reason why people buy Nexus phones every year is that it provides them the latest version Android Operating System. Taking that into consideration, this device runs on the latest Android OS which is the Android 6.0 Marshmallow.