How to create a new blog for free

Have you ever thought of creating your own blog and sharing information online? I guess you have. There are tons of benefits of creating a blog. By making your own blog you have the freedom of sharing your content online in every nook and corner of this world. Blogging is a great way to share your ideas, thoughts, and opinions on the internet.  People visit your blog, read your content and appreciate it. There are several possibilities you can expect from your blog. You can also make money with your blog. Many people create blogs with a sole purpose of making money and many are making a full-time income from their blogs.

How To Create A Free Blog?

If you are a complete newbie, its advisable that you start from creating a free blog to get yourself familiar with the different things about blogging. After you get some knowledge about blogging you can choose to create a paid blog. Creating a free blog is very easy and it takes only like five minutes. The best place to get a free blog is Follow these steps to create your free blog from

  • Go to and log-in with your Google account.
  • On the left pane, you’ll see a “New Blog” button. Click on it
  • You will be asked to name your blog and specify a unique link (Don’t worry about setting the link. you can change it anytime). You’ll also have to choose a suitable template for your new blog.
  • That’s it. You have successfully created your new blog.
  • Stat posting on your new blog. You can create as many posts as you want. No restriction on this one.

Tips to make your blog successful:

  • Write unique content and share it on all social platforms including facebook, google +, twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • Add social buttons such as like, share, a rate at the side of your posts. This will increase the blog traffic.
  • Never forget to insert images or videos in your posts. People like content with beautiful pictures. If you add videos, even better. But don’t insert too many images just to increase your post length.
  • Write your content in the best possible language. People are addicted to reading high-level English. So make sure you avoid all grammatical errors.


Blogging is very useful for sharing information online. It is getting popular each and every day. More people are creating blogs to share their ideas online.

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