How to make most out of Adsense

So, you are tired of logging in to your Adsense account over and over again but still, you don’t see a good flow of cash into your account. Well, that might be because you never learned the right way to use Adsense. Have you ever wondered how much the top Adsense earners are earning? Well, they are earning over $1000 or even $ 20000 or much more. But the question is – how do they do it? There is no quick way to become a top level Adsense earner in a very short period. Everyone starts from the beginning and reaches the top. If you wanna earn like those people then you will have to use these simple tricks which most of the high Adsense earners use:

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More traffic – Gaining more traffic is directly related to the amount of money that you could be making on Adsense. Suppose Adsense pays you $ 0.2 for each valid clicks and your website receives around 1000 visits a day but only 100 out of those 1000 people click on the ads on your site. That means you are making $20 a day which is not a great amount.However , if you manage to get more traffic to your site ( lest say you get double the traffic than usual ) you can virtually earn double the amount than usual. Social medias like facebook, youtube, Google+, twitter, etc can prove to be very useful tools in this attempt.

Higher CPC – CPC stands for ‘Cost Per Click ‘. That is the amount you earn everytime someone clicks on the ads on your site. The CPC rates for all niches is not the same. It varies from one niche to the other. Like for example – gaming and tutorial stuff have low CPC while on the other hand home loan and web hosting have a lot higher CPC. Google Keyword Tool can be a very powerful weapon in creating and understanding

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