How to make money with ease

Do you want to learn how to make money with ease? If yes, you have landed on the best place. Here I will show you how to do that with little effort from your end. What I am going is the easiest method for making money online. It is so easy that a 15-year-old boy/girl can do it. And the best pert is it requires no investment ( but you can invest some cash if you want to get better results). You can start applying this method right away.

When I say “making money with ease” I mean it. You can make money at the cost of clicking your mouse. It is all about clicking ads on PTC( Paid To Click) sites. A PTC site is one where people earn cash in exchange for clicking ads. They simply click 5 or 10 ads which do around 10 minutes and collect their money. There are many such PTC websites. I have discussed the best 2 of them below:

  • Clixsense

Clixsense is by fat the best PTC company in this world. It is very simple to earn cash from Clixsennse. All you have to do is create an account on their website and you are all set to go. Next, click on the ads which appear in the dashboard and wait few seconds ( the time for viewing the ad will be mentioned in the ad. There will be a second counter for counting the time for viewing the ad). Don’t navigate away from the ad page as because the timer stops as soon as you go away from the page. Next, once the ad is successfully viewed, close it and repeat the same with all other ads. For you to make more money, you should click all available ads. The minimum payout is $8 which is not very high. The are many other ways for making money on Clixsense such as completing a survey, registering with various websites, etc. To multiply your earnings, you should refer some people to this site using your referral link.

Here is how the ads appear in the dashboard.

  • Neobux

If you search on the internet for ” how to make money with ease”, you may come across Neobux. Neobux is another great PTC site like Clixsense with minor differences. The methods for making money remain the same. You need to click and view the ads for a determined duration. There are additional opportunities for making money such as surveys, installing software on PC, registering with various websites, and a lot more. The minimum payout on Neobux is $2 which can be transferred instantly to your PayPal account. But the minimum cashout limit increase by $1 each time you cashout until it reaches $5. Just like Clixsense, you’ll have various types of ads for you to click. You can take a look below to see how it looks.


It is very easy to make money with these two websites. But don’t expect to get rich overnight with these sites. The earning are slow in the beginning but there is a lot of possibilities on these sites. Many People who have been working on these methods for years now generate well over $50 a day. The best part about this method of making money method is that it requires only 5-10 minutes of work a day. Just click the ads and collect the money.

How to make 20$ a day with Neobux

Since you are reading this post on “How To Make $20 A Day With Neobux”, I guess you already know that Neobux is a Paid-To-Click (PTC) site where people earn money by simply viewing ads. If you haven’ already, please consider reading this article on “How To Make Money With Ease”. It covers details on  Neobux and the whole of PTC. Its important to have an idea of PTC sites before making money from them.

This article will help those who want to make a good amount of money on Neobux. Most people quit working on PTC sites due to many reasons. The initial earnings are way too low and it takes quite a few months to make a consistent income from PTC sites. This is what makes most people quit PTC sites. But the people who have been working for years on such sites are making well over $50 a day. But it’s not at all easy to make such money on PTC sites. Here is how to make $20 a day with neobux:

How To Make 20 Dollars A Day With Neobux?

  • To make $20 a day with Neobux, you have to work hard from the very begining. Clicks all the ads available and don’t miss even a single one of them. You will earn $0.001  from each ad that you watch. At an average, users are provided as much as 22 ads a day. By clicking all those apps you will make $0.022 a day. Of course its very less but don’t panic.
  • Continue clicking ads until you have $0.6 in your account. This is the first step towards making more money on Neobux. You can use this $0.6 to rent 3 referrals (when rented referrals click their ads, you make money). Each rented referral costs $0.2 You earn $0.005 each time when a rented referral clicks on an ad. They click a total of 4 ads which make you $0.2 a day. So from 3 referrals, you make a total of 0.005 per ad x 4 ads a day x 3 rented referrals = $0.6 a day.

Note : This calculation is based on active clicks. However, you won’t see such activeness in reality. To have 300 active referrals, you need to have more than 300 referrals.

Take a look at the picture below to see the various rental referral packages.

  • Never stop in between. Collect some more cash and rent more referrals. Repeat this process till you reach 300 referrals. After reaching that, you should not think of renting any more referrals. Just maintain those 300 referrals. Lets imagine how much you could be making from 300 referrals. 0.005 per ad x 4 ads a day x 300 rented referrals = $6 a day. This is a huge success. We are not much far from reaching our goal of making 20 dollars a day on Neobux.
  • Although $6 a day is a tempting amount, do not think of withdrawing. Instead keep collecting money till you have $90 in your account. You can utilize this $90 for membership upgrade which will multiply your earnings even more. You make $0.05 from each click generated be your rented referral. When you upgrade to Golden Membership, you make twice that amount. There are even higher level memberships to boost your earnings to the sky.

Here’s how many different memberships are available on Neobux.


After membership upgrade, you can make money with little to no effort at all. Just spend 10-20 minutes a day and you can easily make 20 dollars a day on Neobux. Remember to maintain your referrals because they largely contribute to your earnings.

This was all about “How To Make 20 Dollars A Day On Neobux” Thanks for reading..

How to get direct referrals on NeoBux

Making money on Neobux is really easy. Anyone who can operate a computer can make money with it. But it’s never easy to make a reliable income from Neobux just by clicking the daily advertisements. Even if you are a Golden member, you can’t make even $1 by clicking ads. Rented referrals can really help you make a decent income from Neobux. But you shouldn’t rely much on rented referrals because there is no guarantee that those rented referrals will click ads. They become inactive over time. Then you have to renew them by paying $0.2 for 30 days. Again, there is no guarantee that they are gonna be active and click ads daily. Maintaining rented referrals is costly as it drains more than half of your earnings.

So what thing should you rely on to make good money on Neobux? It ain’t rented referrals for sure.- To make a reliable daily income on Neobux, you should get some Direct Referrals. Direct referrals are real people who sign up with Neobux using your link and whenever they click an ad, you make money. Direct referrals are more active compared to rented referrals. Plus there is no such thing as maintaining direct referrals. Additionally, you can sell direct referrals for some money. Here are the best ways to get direct referrals for Neobux:

How To Get Direct Referrals For Neobux?

  • Create A Blog To Promote Your Referral Link :

You can create a blog for promoting your referral link. I have seen tens if not hundreds of people promote their referral link through their blog. There is a high chance of getting direct referrals through blog as because whoever searches google for Neobux, he/she is definitely interested in making money. They would surely sign up using your referral link.

This method requires you to invest some money towards purchasing hosting and domain. But you want to try this method without investing, consider creating a free blog using Blogger. For instructions on how to create a free blog, read this

  • PPC Advertising:

This is the quickest and perhaps the best way to get direct referrals for Neobux. All you have to do is to create a PPC ad and advertise it. You can use PPC services like Bing ads, 7search, Bidvertiser, etc to promote your link. You must spend money towards advertising your referral link. But you can expect high returns from this.

  • Create A Video:

You can always create a video and share on services like youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc. Create a tutorial video on how easy it is to make money online and include your referral link in the description. More the views on your video, more the people register on Neobux using your referral link. Provide a suitable description to get more views on your videos.

  • Using Traffic Exchange Sites:

A traffic exchange site is one where a user visits sites of other users in order to earn some points which can be used to promote a site. The concept is simple. You surf sites of other people and earn points and use them to advertise your site. You can advertise your referral link to get direct referrals.